Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Walk Down Main Street

Things are back on uptick in Toronto as Leafs beat the lowly Devils 3-1 last night. That's two wins in a row!

But again after last night's proceedings one has to ask - are there any NHL teams that don't kinda suck this year? Biggest head scratcher was last place Nashville shutting out first place Habs 3-0. Also, there was Flyers losing at home to Lightning 8-7. At least explanation at Philly was league scoring leader Steven Stamkos having five point night but no excuse except lameness for Habs.

Habs meltdown kinda takes some sizzle out of our sojourn to Montreal for tomorrow's game with Leafs. Adding insult to injury Amber just texted me that the funky McGill Architecture Café has been purged - guess they converted it into cookie cutter campus cafeteria or study hall - don't these guys have a clue? Amber and I planned to hit the spot for old times sake later today. They've probably already deep-sixed the old furniture - I sure would have loved to dumpster dive the old wall clock that hung in there seems like it was always telling me I was five minutes late for class.  

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