Sunday, November 28, 2010

Same old Same old

Seems like the Leafs make every team they play look the the '84 Edmonton Oilers. Last night on HNIC they lost 3 to zip to the Sens as a follow up to their 3-1 loss to the Sabres. At least Amber was happy with an Ottawa win so she picked up some Old Bushmills and while she toasted to Sen success I drown some Leaf sorrows.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leafs 4, Stars 1

I didn't watch or listen but good news is that Leafs beat the Stars 4-1 last night in Toronto and from sounds of it Jonas Gustavsson had another good game in net. Next game is Friday in Buffalo and Leafs need to avenge 3-2 home loss to Sabres back on Nov 6th.

Ran into a great customer on my rounds last night. They ordered a large anchovy pizza and gave me a used copy of "The Big M (the Frank Mahovlich story)" as a tip! Actually, I got to choose from a box of titles (astrology, apple mac manual, yoga, Mediterranean cooking, etc.) which are probably now at a used book store. So far so good - I'm about half way through.   

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Habs 2, Leafs 0

Despite Leafs losing and not scoring it was a pretty exciting game. Jonas Gustavsson looked great between the pipes for your Maple Leafs. Jonas has a goalie's best natural asset - he's sizeable (6-3) which helps any gardien go post to post. I still reminisce about my visits to the old Forum as a kid but the atmosphere is also great at Centre Bell - still feels like center of the hockey universe (along with Hogtown). The Habitent were predictably upset with me wearing my vintage Bruce Gamble jersey.

In any event, our whirlwind visit to Montreal was fantastic and over I.P.A.'s at Brutopia, Amber and I decided we should make this an annual event - if we can swing the do-re-mi (not sure what ducats typically cost these days for Saturday night Leafs-Habs on stubhub)?  Rue Cresent was jumping as usual in addition to Brutopia we also hit Thursday's and Churchill's before closing things down with risotto at Wienstein & Gavino’s

Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Walk Down Main Street

Things are back on uptick in Toronto as Leafs beat the lowly Devils 3-1 last night. That's two wins in a row!

But again after last night's proceedings one has to ask - are there any NHL teams that don't kinda suck this year? Biggest head scratcher was last place Nashville shutting out first place Habs 3-0. Also, there was Flyers losing at home to Lightning 8-7. At least explanation at Philly was league scoring leader Steven Stamkos having five point night but no excuse except lameness for Habs.

Habs meltdown kinda takes some sizzle out of our sojourn to Montreal for tomorrow's game with Leafs. Adding insult to injury Amber just texted me that the funky McGill Architecture CafĂ© has been purged - guess they converted it into cookie cutter campus cafeteria or study hall - don't these guys have a clue? Amber and I planned to hit the spot for old times sake later today. They've probably already deep-sixed the old furniture - I sure would have loved to dumpster dive the old wall clock that hung in there seems like it was always telling me I was five minutes late for class.  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leafs are Off the Schneid

The Leafs beat the Preds 6-4 last night in Hogtown. Leafs record is still a semi-respectable 6-8-3 which is amazing given that it feels like they've been losing forever. Actually, I still think the Leafs have a shot at success this season because it looks like the league is mediocre overall. How else can you explain the Canadiens shutting out the Flyers  3-0 last night (after everybody thought the Flyers were top shelf) especially after Montreal looked pretty listless in that 3-2 loss to the Sens Nov 6th on HNIC. Also, the Leafs did everything but beat the Canucks (another strong club) on HNIC last Saturday eventually losing 5-3 including an empty net goal. Turning point was a late Canuck goal on a long seemingly harmless slapper by Mason Raymond that somehow eluded JSG.

Really looking forward to next Saturday's game in Montreal versus the dreaded Habs. Amber's dad somehow got tickets for us so Amber and I are driving over to attend the game. I'm looking forward to visiting the old McGill stomping grounds. Post game we're heading over to Rue Crescent just like the old days.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What a Drubbing

The losing streak continues as Lightning shutout the Leafs 4-0 tonight.

Over course of delivering pizzas for five hours this evening I guess I ate the equivalent of a large meat lovers - now I think I'll pound some Pepto Bismol and hit the sack.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hogtown Meltdown

The lowly Sabres dropped the Leafs on HNIC last night. The Sabres tied the game 2-2 in dying seconds and then won in shootout. Leafs have lost to Bruins, Rangers, Senators, Caps and Sabres for depressing five game skid. The best part of the game last night was the Hall of Fame introductions - wish Red Kelly (who starred for Leafs way back when they actually won Cups) could lace 'em up.