Saturday, October 9, 2010

Leafs and Poutine

What a dominating 5-1 win for Leafs over Sens tonight. Amber came over after her Baskin Robbins shift and brought some tasty poutine - so real enjoyable evening. Amber being from Hull is a Sens fan but she had to admit they looked pretty pathetic.

Barley Bob was on shift at the Firehall tonight so we went over after the game to try out the new billiard table. Definitely, their Italian slate table is a much better setup than the old pool table we had in our rec room back in the day but pricey.

Also, attempted to help Amber with a couple problems in her deformable media mechanics course which brought back bittersweet memories from couple years back.

Now off to Esso to gas up the power wagon for pizza shift tomorrow.

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