Sunday, October 31, 2010


Doesn't anybody here know how to put the puck in the cage?

First the Bruins shutout the Leafs 2-0 on Thursday. Then again last night the Rangers hung another 2 to zip shutout on them. Tips for this humble pizza driver have also hit the skids. Seems as the Leafs fall so do the gratuities in Etobicoke. Oh well, all good things have to come to an end.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leafs 3, Panthers 1

Watched my first Leafs game in ages live in person tonight at AC Center. The Leafs won this one on a third period goal by Colton Orr making it 2-1 Leafs -- Orr was on top of Panther goalie Clemmensen at the time. Amber's dad (a highfalutin Bay Street lawyer) gave her two tickets from his firm which is a nice perc and nice of him and her to take me. 

Catch ya later, Amber and I are off to the Coach and Steeds for nachos and suds.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flyers 5 - Leafs 2

Leafs are starting to look an awful lot like previous versions -- just going through the paces? Captain Dion Phaneuf looked pretty bad (minus 3 I think) but so did all the d-men. They were outshot 40-14 which is pathetic.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leafs 1; Islanders 2

Sad to see the streak end especially against the fish sticks. Remember the Isles Gorton's fisherman emblem?

Monday, October 18, 2010

All-time zaniest Leafs

Went to visit Barley Bob at the Fire Hall and got into discussion with the boys about all time zaniest Leafs between billiard games.

Anyhoo, early leaders are;

Eddie Shack - it is said he was actually a pretty good skater and had some hockey skills but spent most of his time shuttling between coach's doghouse and penalty box

Dave Williams - a real gamer Tiger is NHL all-time penalty leader for dropping gloves early and often, usually giving away height, reach and pounds to deliver one punch while taking two or three for the team

Gary Smith - goalie who I'm told stickhandled the puck down into the opposition zone because he wanted to be first goalie to score a goal

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Leafs still undefeated

Listened to the game on radio while delivering pizza last night. I met lots of happy customers as Leafs beat Rangers 4-3 in overtime and are now 4-0. Next game is Monday night in TO vs Islanders.

Experienced my first flat on the job last night. The pizza power wagon picked up a nail in right rear. Luckily, the spare had air in it and I was able to change it out in a flash. I dropped off the flat for repair at Canadian Tire between deliveries and will pickup today - then Amber and I are going to OSC and Fuddruckers.  

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Leafs 4 - Pens 3

Yipee, the Leafs are 3-0 for the first time since 1999-00. They beat the Penguins 4-3 in Pittsburgh last night with Clarke MacArthur scoring twice. Next game is Friday in Manhattan versus NYR. I wonder if Ron Duguay and Kim Alexis will be at MSG to watch the undefeated Leafs?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toll Road

My friend Serge just got back from a road trip to Smithers. They drove up from Abbotsford. Anyway, in passing he mentioned that the Coquihalla Highway is no longer a toll road (when did that happen?). Now, this is BIG since it totally destroys one of my dreams, namely, prospecting in the summer and riding out the winter in Merritt working in the toll booth.

Nikolai Kulemin

Lets face it, Nikolai Kulemin, has a fantastic last name (sounds like Coolman).

How great is that!

Anyway, Kulemin, Grabovski and MacArthur have been tearing it up for the Maple Leafs so far but still very early - got to keep it on the down low.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I took Reggie's Kawasaki Z1000 out for a spin. Man, that machine is trick what a wild ride! It makes my tattered and torn 850 Commando seem like a tank by comparison. The Z1000 is real easy on the eyes too with that lime green tank. But the tank on my Norton is tops can't beat that old school black tank with the gold script.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mining Claim

By the by, received confirmation of mining claim purchase near Bralorne (Cadwallader Creek). The scuttlebutt is that its all panned out (so got it for a song) but the abundant hydrology in this area means gold is always on the move and since claim is located near very successful former gold mine - who knows. Also, purchased a gold concentrator kit so all green (no mercury!).

The A-frame I'll setup after transporting in from Lillooet is basically just a gardening storage shed. It'll be adequate for my purposes - I'll probably head to Whistler and wait table for couple years when snow flies.  

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A pizza in every pot

I'm whooped, just finished a double shift. Did everybody in Toronto want a pizza today? At least, there were lots of Hawaiian orders and they are usually cutest and best tipping customers.

Next up for the undefeated Leafs are Crosby and the boys from Pittsburgh, PA. Habs knocked them off yesterday so why shouldn't the Buds on Oct 13th.

Amber has found a nice prefab A-frame that is available in Lillooet. Still have to figure out how to get it to Bralorne but have till next May to chew on it. Also, want to put the cabin on a foundation - I'm figuring concrete blocks since wouldn't need to haul so much portland and navvy jack.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Leafs and Poutine

What a dominating 5-1 win for Leafs over Sens tonight. Amber came over after her Baskin Robbins shift and brought some tasty poutine - so real enjoyable evening. Amber being from Hull is a Sens fan but she had to admit they looked pretty pathetic.

Barley Bob was on shift at the Firehall tonight so we went over after the game to try out the new billiard table. Definitely, their Italian slate table is a much better setup than the old pool table we had in our rec room back in the day but pricey.

Also, attempted to help Amber with a couple problems in her deformable media mechanics course which brought back bittersweet memories from couple years back.

Now off to Esso to gas up the power wagon for pizza shift tomorrow.

Hockey Night in Canada

Seems like every year the regular season just won't arrive - this year even more so because the Maple Leafs look to be pretty good. C-Dion Phaneuf is Bob Baunesque on the blueline and goaltending probably hasn't been this strong since Bruce Gamble was between pipes.

Still can't believe the Black Hawks parted ways with Dustin Byfuglien (all he does is deliver in playoff)?

First HNIC broadcast of season is always tops in my book - especially Grapes who is always goofy in a Mathew Barnaby like way but still the best.

Got to go make Tim Horton and Moosehead run before puckdrop - catch you on the other side.