Saturday, January 29, 2011

All Star Snooze

Looking at another weekend where I won't be catching HNIC.  I have absolutely zero interest in watching the all-star snoozefest which is always so lame-er-ooo! Why don't they do something really different like a Leafs - Habs outdoor game in Iqaluit, Nunavet? That I would watch! Just looked up today's temp in Iqaluit and it is -18 C currently so no prob.

At least I'll be getting off the lazyboy this evening since Amber and I are going ice skating and then to Sue's Thai on Roncesvalles Ave. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Caps 4, Leafs 1

The Leafs lost 4-1 to the Caps last night on HNIC with OVI potting a hat trick. It was great to get back in the swing again with HNIC after missing a couple weekends. Also, enjoyed all the Granville Island microbrews we brought back with us. Hopefully, will be posting more regularly again now that trip to Vancouver is in the rear view and Amber has decided on UBC.

Froth Flotation

Amber and I got back from the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, Seattle, Victoria) a few days ago. She will be starting an MS in engineering in September at UBC because of their strong froth flotation. While there we got a chance to look at SFU, UBC, UVic and University of Washington. I'm great with UBC because I'm going to be just up the road in Pemberton starting this summer!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Leafs 4, Devils 1

Unfortunately, no HNIC this past Saturday (Christmas), but Leafs did win 4-1 over the New Jersey Devils on Boxing Day. On Monday before Christmas they lost 6-3 to the Thrashers.

Here's hoping New Years Eve and Day will bring decent pizza delivery tips in Hogtown - I still need some ducats to pay for the last semester of my MBA program. Would definitely help the New Year's pizza cash register if the college bowl games were still a big deal like they used to be back in the day. At least I still have a couple weeks until tuition payment is due.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Canucks 4; Leafs 1

Leafs lost 4-1 to the Canucks on HNIC Saturday night - this was preceded by 4-1 win over the Oilers on Tuesday and a 5-2 loss to the Flames on Thursday - so piss poor 1-2 for their trip out west.

I was surprised that the game in Vancouver started in the afternoon out there (ie. wasn't the late game on HNIC).  Uncle Jon told me this was the way it always was back in the day when there was only one
game each Saturday on HNIC. Back then if the broadcast was from Vancouver the game started at 5:00 PM local time so viewers in Toronto and Montreal caught it at 8:00 PM. Uncle Jon also said that HNIC was always preceded by The Bugs Bunny Show (at least on his local station CBUT Vancouver)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leafs 3, Habs 1

Another nice performance by Leafs on HNIC last night beating Montreal 3-1. Habs record suggests they are a potential Stanley Cup winning team (plus moments in their playoff run last season) but stinkers like last night indicate otherwise.  Too bad I'd love to see a Canadian based team drink from Lord Stanley's Cup. Maybe the Oilers someday if they can hold on to the young talent they're stockpiling. Actually, a decent week for the Leafs with wins over Caps and Habs and losses to Flyers and Pens.

Amber and I are taking a drive up to cottage country to pick up our Christmas tree.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Great Win!

Wow, what a fun 3-2 shootout win over Bruins on HNIC tonight. Exciting Leafs performance even though it looked like they would lose 2-1 late in 3rd. However, dramatic Kris Versteeg  power play goal in last minute with extra attacker sent it into OT. Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas played a fantastic game so I figured he'd stone the Leafs in the shootout - but, then surprise, surprise the Leafs beat Thomas twice while Bruins only put one behind GSG in the shootout to get well deserved victory!

Meanwhile, on Coaches Corner Grapes was reminiscing again about back in the 70s. Seems all the NHL has to do today to fill the cash register in Florida, Texas and Arizona is bring back the Big Bad Bruins and Broad Street Bullies. Newsflash, MMA is all over that market space now! Better the NHL should emphasize their core product Crosby, Ovechkin, H + D Sedin, etc. - pugs like Jack McIlhargey and Hounddog Kelly are hilarious on You Tube but hardly Brock Lesnar.